Meet the face behind HBW, Sara Jayne!


Meet Sara Jayne!

Sara was raised in a very small town called China Grove in North Carolina. Growing up, Sara was always intrigued with fashion. She wasn't the girl who liked to wear pink, flowers, and look like everyone else. No, Sara wanted to throw on leather jackets with her maxi dresses. She wanted to wear black polka dot tights with her Easter dress. Sara wanted to be different, and by her surprise, her peers loved it.

She was the girl who constantly got asked to borrow clothes from, give fashion advice, and answer "how do you mix this style with this style and still look so chic?!" As Sara reached adulthood, she realized most "boutiques" did not have this style that she was looking for, and that's why so many girls have trouble putting these bad ass outfits together that still look feminine, girly, and fun, but also look dark, edgy and cool. A place that can mix these flower dresses with leather boots, or a badass blacked out dress with hot pink heels.

Sara Jayne gets alot of her inspiration in the city where she once resided, Nashville Tennessee with a mix of her current home, Miami Beach Florida. Nashville is Hip, Country, Edgy and Chic all in one, While Miami is fun, bright, playful, and relaxed. Wear those boots with that dress girl! Wear that bandana around your neck. Throw on that dress with beach hair. Who cares if people stare. Nashville is where Hell Bent and Whiskey was Born, and we are just getting started.

The definition of “Hell Bent” is “determined to achieve something at all costs,” and that is exactly Sara, determined.

Welcome to her wild ride.